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Bars & Pubs

For a complete list of Buenos Aires coolest bars, visit WIPE online magazine: http://www.wipe.com.ar/. For the best bars and restaurants you have to visit Palermo Hollywood (a brand new and exclusive neighborhood crowded with fashionable bars, restaurants and shops.

Other cool area  of restaurants and bars is Las Cañitas. These two neighborhoods sprawled in the 90`s with a very diverse offer of international and ethnic food.

Well, before the entire list of gay bars you could find elsewhere, I `ll overview my favorite straight but cool bars.

Straight, but the cool bars: (most of them are gay-friendly)

Congo Bar - Honduras 5329, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Phone:  +54 (11) 4833-5857.  Congo is a bar and restaurant with an huge and amazing outside garden/bar that is almost hidden  on the back. The garden gets very popular on weekends and hosts different DJ´s and is frequented by a very mixed crowds both straight and gay.

FESTIVAL - Gorriti 5741 , Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires, Phone:  +54 (11) 4775-6733 .  FESTIVAL is a great cocktail bar, and restaurant. This is restaurant attracts artsy middle aged people, has two great bars  and an open patio that is very popular with locals. During the day there is a terrace on the second floor where art exhibits are displayed. There is very good vibe in FESTIVAL, and the cocktails are great.

Milión - Paraná 1048 - Recoleta This richly elegant, dimly lit and very popular bar occupies three floors in a renovated old mansion. Pricey tapas accompany a wide range of drinks like white Russians, mint juleps and Long Island iced tea.

Bar Danzon Libertad between Sta Fe Av. & Arenales (half block) Recoleta Contemporary New York meets South America in this welcoming bar/restaurant with a long bar, plush sofas and intimate lighting.

Cocktail aficionados will not be disappointed here, nor will anyone else with the truly impressive choice of spirits on offer or the delectable sushi. This is where the city’s sophisticates and movers n' shakers go to play. http://www.granbardanzon.com.ar/

Temple Bar - Costa Rica 4677, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Week hours: 6pm - 2am Saturday: After 8 Pm Sunday After 9 PM- 2am Telephone: (+54 11) 4831-5430 This is a cool Irish pub, with a huge and cool outdoors patio in the back to hang out with your friends. This bar is usually crowded and located in the heart of Palermo Soho, just one block to Peuteo gay bar. They have both draft beer and imported ones.

Isabel Bar & Restaurant - Uriarte 1664, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Week hours: 8pm - 4am Telephone: (+54 11) 4834-6969  Isabel is a very trendy, cocktail bar. The drinks are usually expensive, but very good, the ambientation is cool if you are into the who is who of BA, and followers. Reservations may be necessary, on busy nights, there are waiting lines.


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